how to do a spiky hairstyle

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If you much prefer an edgy look over a traditional short pixie cut,a combination of spiky hair with sheared sections is just the ticket to your new signature style.Keep strands longer in the front,gradually shortening them on the sides and shaving them close to the scalp along the ear line.

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  • How to style short spiky hairstyles for fine hair?

  • So pixie haircuts are acey-deucy for fine hair and its needless to say that they are hot and versatile. Add Some Drama AKA Side Bang. Awesome Short Spiky Hairstyles for Fine Hair. Then you would add mousse or stylish gel for you to comb the hair upward in order to achieve the spiky look.

  • How do you make your hair spiky?

  • You spike all the hair on your head or only get spiky hair on the top of your head (depending on your chosen haircut). If you use hair gel to create the spikes on your hair, you can, once you檝e crated the spikes with hair gel, also coat the tips of the spikes with hair wax so as to further mold and detail their spiky shape.

  • How to style spiky hair with fades?

  • Long spiky hair can work well with fades since it can perfectly emphasize the spikes. You can then use a product to style your hair to the back, front, top or sides or even in all directions. Spiking your hair in front adds volume to the top by focusing your hair on the front.

  • Are spiky hairstyles suitable for seniors?

  • The spiky haircuts are versatile for women of all ages, not only it looks great on younger women, the spiky haircuts also versatile and perfect for the senior ladies. Combine it with any hairstyles, and you will have a gorgeous looking short hairstyle.

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