how to do asian hairstyles for guys

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Haircuts for Asian men don have to be boring. You can cut your hair in abowl shape,meaning the top part being rounder and longer than the bottom part of your hair. To give it a twist to the common hairstyle,ask your barber to cut down the bottom part into a faded effect to really contrast the top from the bottom side of your hair.

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  • What are the best Asian men hairstyles?

  • Asian men hairstyles: buzz cut. Photo credit: Indigital Because Asian men hair is typically straighter and thicker in dimension, those who want a super low-maintenance hairstyle should go for an ultra short, shaved cut, a.k.a the buzz cut. If you檙e looking for an Asian short hair men hairstyle, this is the look for you.

  • How to achieve Asian hair style?

  • Asian hair usually falls on the fine or super straight end of the spectrum, so achieving hairstyles like this can seem tricky, but it can be done. To recreate the look, use a pomade on dry hair to give your style hold and control. Smooth some Axe Natural Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade throughout your hair to slick it back.

  • How to choose the right hairstyles for Korean men?

  • While Asian hair is versatile, it can also be tough and unruly sometimes, and many Korean men have to deal with this issue. One option is to cut the hair short, as even at short lengths the hair will still appear longer than it really is due to the sheer thickness. This is a smart look that will fit with any kind of smart casual attire. 7.

  • What hairstyles are trending for Asian men in 2021?

  • You can go wrong with the surfer-dude inspired medium length choppy cut. This style is perfect for anyone with a slight curl or bend in their hair. There are so many Asian men hairstyles that are trending for 2021.

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