how to do bharatanatyam hairstyle

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  • How to make-up for Bharatanatyam dance?

  • Make-Up for Bharatanatyam: Makeup to a Bharatanatyam dancer is very unique, should display the theme of the dance on face movements. Heavy lines are drawn around the eyes and darken and extended outwards the eyebrows. The total Bharatanatyam performance is mostly based on the movements of the eyes and eyebrows.

  • How did Bharatanatyam become popular in India?

  • As the Indian freedom movement progressed steadily during the early 20th century, an effort to revive Indian culture and tradition seethed with excitement among Indians. Eminent Bharatanatyam dancers like Arundale and Balasaraswati expanded the dance form out of Hindu temples and established it as a mainstream dance form.

  • What is the traditional clothing of Bharatanatyam dance?

  • Bharatanatyam dancers wear a unique set of a jeweler, very attractive in the focus. The set of Jeweler called 楾emple Jewelers? such are bangles, earrings, necklaces, and wristlets. The bun or plait of the hair decorated with a semi-circle of flowers.

  • Can I wear a nose ring in Bharatanatyam dance?

  • Your Bharatanatyam makeup is done. As for the hair, you could make a bun and decorate it with false flower garlands or seek professional assistance for a different hairdo. Front nose rings are a common jewellery accessory in this dance form, you could consider it as optional if you are uncomfortable wearing it.

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