how to do crochet braids hairstyles

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Insert the crochet latch into the cornrow,hook the hair onto it,close the latch and pull it through the braid. Then you just loop the tail of the hair in and fix the loop at the top close to the cornrow. Make sure you leave the spaces between attached tresses so that your hairstyle wouldn look too voluminous.

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  • What do you need to do Crochet braids?

  • To do crochet braids, you檒l need crochet braiding hair. Crochet hair is synthetic hair that comes in many different lengths, colors, and textures. The hair will be crocheted onto your cornrows. So, if you檙e going for a curly look, purchase crochet hair that has the curl pattern that you want.

  • What are Crochet braids for black hair?

  • This long, curly style can be achieved with marley crochet braids hair or kanekalon hair, and styled easily with your fingers or a pick comb. Crochet braids are one of the most versatile hairstyle trends for black hair to emerge this year.

  • Are Crochet braids real hair?

  • I檓 here to break down the who, what, when, why, and how of this lesser known but innovative and low maintenance hair technique. Although crochet braids can look incredibly real, they are all made of fake hair.

  • How do you braid your hair with braids?

  • When you reach the other side, switch directions and continue to braid above the row you just completed. End this braid when you run out of hair in the back. Using your crochet tool, tuck in the ends of your braids throughout your head, looping them over and under the braids, distributing the hair evenly.

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