how to do flat twist hairstyles

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First,part your hair at the hairline from a point that you want your flat twists to initiate from.Use a rat-tail comb and extend your part all the way back to the nape of your neck. …Take a small section of your hair at the point you began your part on the hairline. Now carefully divide this section into two parts which are equal.Now begin twisting these two parts and make sure that there are equal gentle twists there. Then continue twisting your hair while adding small sections of hair in the twist.This way keep twisting the hair unless you reach the very end of the strands and then secure the flat twist with a hair tie or clip.Now repeat this process with the rest of your hair unless all of it is tied up in neat flat twists.

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  • How do you style a flat twist on natural hair?

  • This can be worked into any hair type, including weaves and natural hair. Keep it in for a day or a week ?this is one versatile updo. Flat twist hairstyles don need to be wild, crazy or elaborate. Simply twist the sides of your natural hair and pull it into a feminine bun when you need hair out of the way but still looking good.

  • Are flat twists suitable for long hair?

  • No matter if you have long hair or short hair, sleek and polished twists are there to help you uplift your style game this season. The flat twists style can be made in the hair of all colors and lengths which is why they are loved so much.

  • How to twist short hair like a pro?

  • Hydrate your hair short hair is easier to twist when they are damp, so spray a little water on your curls before twisting them. Moisturize your hair Moisture is the key to perfect flat twists when it comes to short hair.

  • How to style thick twists on medium length hair?

  • You can tie up all your flat twists in two pigtails which sweep your shoulders and make your medium length hair prettier than any other style. The thick twists make your hair look fuller and voluminous as well, so it is a win-win style for you.

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