how to do geralts hairstyle

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  • How consistent is the length of Geralt’s hair?

  • Geralt’s hair was long when he fell asleep under the tree and it was long when he woke up from his dream. So you will find that it is perfectly consistent, actually. 100% Immersive!

  • What is Geralt of Rivia’s natural hair style?

  • The cropped and spiked top is also just a missed opportunity for someone with such nice natural locks. Geralt has naturally full-bodied hair that looks great when caught in one of Skellige Isles’ classic sea breezes.

  • Does Geralt of Rivia’s hairdo look like an emo band?

  • This hairdo can fit with formal occasions and the rugged wilderness alike. It does seem likely that this style’s long bangs might often impede Geralt’s vision, but his supernatural Witcher powers probably make up for that. All that aside, does this hairdo make it look like he should be in an emo band circa the mid-aughts? Yes. Is that a bad thing?

  • How to curl your hair like a Dutch braid?

  • Curl the hair at the back of your head, if desired. By now, you should have loose hair framing your face, and a Dutch braid crown around your head, like a headband. You will have loose hair sticking out from under the crown at the back of your head. You can leave this hair as-is, or you can add some soft curls to it.

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