how to do geralts hairstyle

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  • What is the best hairstyle for Geralt’s head?

  • – Zoltan’s hairstyle. (By Feregorn ) (Should look better with a bald retexture of Geralt head) – Slicked back long hair. (By Feregorn) – Viking braids. (By FidoX 锘? (Should look better with a bald retexture of Geralt head) – Long, elven style.

  • Is there a way to turn Geralt’s hair black?

  • – Geralt Custom Hair A-Note: Modifies the Elven Rebel hairstyle so it is shaved on the sides. Can be turned black by combining it with Geralt Black HairWorks hair Alt and Geralt Black Scalp.

  • How consistent is the length of Geralt’s hair?

  • Geralt’s hair was long when he fell asleep under the tree and it was long when he woke up from his dream. So you will find that it is perfectly consistent, actually. 100% Immersive!

  • How to get real hair on Geralt of Rivia?

  • – New optional file 淕eraltHairWorks_realHair? download contains 3 versions, check the readme inside for details. -First download and install the optional 淗air only?file from the 淗airWorks on everything but Geralt?mod. beard. Color options for Geralt beard, hair and eyebrows. Also added some new HairWorks beard and hair styles

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