how to do katara’s hairstyle

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  • How did Katara style her hair?

  • Katara often styled her hair to include hair loopies. Hair loopies are a type of hairstyle worn in the Northern and Southern Water Tribes. The term refers to the trend among Water Tribe women to wear two loops in their hair.

  • How does Katara look in Avatar cosplay?

  • Since fashion is an important part of the Avatar world, in cosplay, Katara’s appearance is as critical as her waterbending abilities. Characteristic of the traditional hairstyle of the Southern Water Tribe, in this costume by Aigue-Marine, Katara shows off her native black hair with loopies.

  • Does Katara wear loopies?

  • During the invasion of the Fire Nation, Katara began incorporating her Water Tribe hairstyle once again. It was reminiscent of her Fire Nation style, with her hair unbraided at the back, but saw the return of her hair loopies, albeit slightly thicker than before. Kanna, Katara and Sokka’s Gran Gran, also wore hair loopies.

  • How does Katara draw water?

  • As depicted by knightinshiningcosplay, Katara has the ability to draw up water from a water body below while standing on a bridge above. This effect was achieved by throwing an object into the water at a particular spot to make the water rise upward in fountain-like formations.

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