how to do natural curly hairstyles

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  • How to style your curly hair?

  • To spice up your curly hairstyle, try adding a bold color like blonde or red. Style the hair in a side part for an edgy look. It is sure to bring out your natural beauty. 9. Medium Curly Hair with Dark Root Girls with curly hair can dye it in a range of colors. With dark roots, the curls stand out to give off an exotic look.

  • How to keep your curly hair in a ponytail?

  • You can use hair accessories like hair clips and bobby pins to keep your curls in place. The slicked back ponytail is similar to the slicked-back pouf. The top part of the hair is sealed with gel and looks smooth and sleek. The rest of the hair is pulled back into a ponytail without disturbing the natural curls in the area.

  • Should you brush your natural curly hair?

  • When you brush naturally curly hair, the brush is essentially splitting apart those curls and turning them into individual hair strands, which can result in exaggerated volume. If you take a shower, then let your hair air dry without brushing it, those curls will stay compact and less frizzy.

  • What are some genius hairstyles for curly hair?

  • Here’s a genius hairstyle that’s especially great for those with curly hair and natural texture. Actor Yara Shahidi epitomizes this look beautifully. Start with braiding your entire head of hair. This style makes use of cornrows, which may require a salon trip if you’re not an advanced braider.

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