how to do passion twist hairstyle

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Get to twisting. Once you have secured the extension hair to the natural hair,twist the hair down. As you twist the hair,you should pull the hair taut (every 2 inches or so). This twisting method will create the messy texture of the passion twist.

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  • What type of hair is used for passion twists?

  • What hair is used for passion twists? Depending on the style and technique you檙e going for, you will need either the Freetress braid water wave hair packs or the pre-twisted passion twists crochet hair packs. How many packs of hair do I need for passion twists?

  • How do you wear passion twists with curly hair?

  • Passion twists look particularly stunning with lots of volume on top, but if you檝e got a naturally curly hair, teasing your stands isn the best option. To add volume to you hairstyle, bring your passion twists onto the sides, creating a deep side part that looks chic and effortless.

  • What is the best length for a passion twist hair extension?

  • Medium Lenght Passion Twists The first idea on my gallery is something you should like if you檙e a fan of the multi-color style. Depending on your height and choice, you can go for a hair extension between 14-18 inches or even shorter. 2. Stylish Multi-Colored Crochet Passion Twist Hairstyle

  • What is the best way to twist your hair for twists?

  • Notice that the twisted and more time-consuming method will give you a more realistic passion twists look, while the crotchet method will give a Marley twists look, which might not be the look you檙e going for. This is a traditional way of twisting hair so that your hair blends in with the hair extensions.

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