how to do side shaved hairstyle

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  • What are sideside shaved hairstyles?

  • Side shaved hairstyles are the new bold hair trend that you need to get on board with! They are as exciting as they sound and we promise you will have a lot of fun choosing a look and trying them on for yourself! They are daring and help to show off the flirty side of you as well.

  • How to shave your hair properly?

  • In fact, one shaven side enhances the volume and playfulness of the unshaved side of your head. Instead of a classic shave, you may want to opt for a patterned design look on shaved sides hair for an extra edge. Use a curling iron to give the unshaved portion of your hair lovely short locks or use a straightening iron for a sleek look. 4.

  • Can You Keep your hair long while still having a side shave?

  • By leaving one side curled and lengthy it softens up the look of the shaved side. Pull it up for a more sophisticated look. This look is the perfect example of how you can keep your hair long while still having a side shave. It perfect if you aren ready to go too short.

  • Is side shave a new&trendy hair cut?

  • When it comes to New Trendy Hair Cuts, side shave is known as a unique style for both men women. This style can bring a dramatic change in your look only if you can do it the right way. If you like the style want to do the same then here are some things you should know before a side shave.

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