how to do side shaved hairstyle

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Rock your hair with a combover haircut mixed with subtle shaved sides. Trim down the sides as close to the scalp as possible. Give a uniform fade at the back to match with the sides. Let the hair on the top be long and thick except for slight grooming over the edges.

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  • How to choose the best side shaved hairstyles?

  • When groomed right, beards are a great advantage with side-shaved hairstyles. Get a classic side shaved hair cut by fade cut with shaved side. Select the area above your ears and shave it uniformly from one side to another. Give a fade cut to the area immediately above the shaved area. You can try different variations with the hair on the top.

  • How to shave your hair like a pro?

  • Give the sides and the back of your head a faded style of shaving. It means thick hair closer to the top and a gradual decrease closer to the ears. Use pomade or hair mousse to let the hair shine and make it more flexible. Using a comb, make a parting and style the hair backward on either side.

  • Where should you shave your hair to look natural?

  • Your shaved sides will look natural, while you can focus on the areas where your hair is the thickest. 42. Shaved neck Many guys have hair growing on their necks and most of the haircuts except for long ones require it to be shaved off.

  • Do you regret shaving the sides of your hair?

  • As you are focusing on a deep haircut on the sides leaving variations for the top, the chances of having regrets are pretty low. To make it easy on you, we brought our list of 40 amazing hairstyles with shaved sides.

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