how to do side shaved hairstyle

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  • What are sideside shaved hairstyles?

  • Side shaved hairstyles are the new bold hair trend that you need to get on board with! They are as exciting as they sound and we promise you will have a lot of fun choosing a look and trying them on for yourself! They are daring and help to show off the flirty side of you as well.

  • What does it mean when you shave your side hair?

  • The side shaved hair are a daring and bold look and they speak about the willingness to try out new things and set trends.

  • Should you shave the sides of your short blonde hair?

  • For a more accented and unique look, the short blonde hair will look even better if the sides are shaved. The shaving does not have to be very high but it should be visible so that it can create a contrast.

  • What is the difference between undercut and shaved side hairstyle?

  • But the problem with the undercut is most women do not want to shave the hair on both of their sides. And that is how the shaved side hairstyle was born. Unlike the undercut, you shave just one side of your hair, and leave the hair long on the top of your head or on the other side.

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