how to do side twist hairstyle

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Step-by-step:Part your hair on the right and take a one inch section of hair above your part. Split that section in two and twist them together. Add in hair from your hairline to one section and twist that back over the other section. Keep adding in hair and twisting the two sections together until you reach the top of your ear.

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  • How to twist your hair?

  • Apply hair lotion, curling cream, curling gel, or mousse. These styling products make the hair follicles sticky and will help to lock in the style. Rub the product onto your hands and smooth it into the loose section of hair to be twisted. Secure and separate the loose section.

  • How do you side braid your hair?

  • To side braid your hair, start by brushing it thoroughly to get rid of any knots or tangles that might get in the way. Once you檝e brushed your hair, gather it all on the side you want the braid. With your hair on one side, split it into 3 even sections. Take the right side and cross it over the middle to make it the new middle section.

  • How to do a twist out step by step?

  • Here is how to do a twist out step by step: Step 1: Begin on freshly washed and conditioned hair. You can begin twists on both damp or dry hair. Starting with damp hair will give you high definition but less elongation. By twisting dry hair, you get the opposite: less definition and more elongation.

  • How do you do a French Twist?

  • French Twist How-To: Step-by-Step Tutorial Step 1: Using a fine-toothed comb, separate a section of hair from your crown to your fringe and brush it forward. Step 2: Smooth all your hair back using a comb or your fingers. Step 3: Get your bobby pins ready! Step 4: If your hair is very long, keep it in place with an elastic at the lower end.

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