how to do simple hairstyles

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  • How to make this simple and easy hairstyle at home?

  • Steps to Make This Simple and Easy Hairstyle at Home: Comb your hair in a downward direction as we used to comb our hairs. Make three equal partitions of hair horizontally as shown in the picture. Now make ponytail of each partition and leave it as it is.

  • How to style your hair properly for different hair types?

  • This is a flexible, stylish option can work for any hair type. Part your hair in the middle and brush your hair. Then, brush the two front sections out behind your ears. Starting on either side, brush down and secure the section near the roots with a bobby pin. Continue brushing down and add a parallel bobby pin every 1 in (2.5 cm) or so.

  • What are some simple and easy hairstyles for girls?

  • 15 Simple And Easy Hairstyles Ideas For Girls. 1. Puff Voluminous Ponytail: Who is not familiar with the old childhood ponytails hairstyle? This hairstyle is the best for those bad hair days. You … 2. Side Twist Hairstyle: 3. Braided Pony: 4. Chinese fringe Cut: 5. Love Braid:

  • What are the best simple hairstyles for long hair?

  • Free braid is one of the finest simple hairstyles for long hair which is perfectly suitable for long face shapes. The messy hairstyle will always look good on oval, short, and diamond shaped face with medium hairs.

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