how to do the 80s hairstyle

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Half braided updois one of the most common 80s hairstyles. Mostly the young girls at that time used to go with a half braided. This hairdo is mostly done by making a french braid at the top of the head and then finishing with a simple braid through the end.

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  • What were the hairstyles of the 80s?

  • Characterized by outrageous fashion trends and styles of excess, 80s hairstyles were unique and iconic. Featuring perms, mullets, high tops, Jheri curls, feathered hair and mohawks, the 1980s offered various ways to style long, medium and short hair.

  • How do I make my long hair look like the 80s?

  • I have sort of long hair. How do I make it look like the 80s? Try teasing it with a short tooth comb and don’t brush it back down. Add a giant bow instead of a headband. Go for the big hair look. Thanks! Where can I buy/get beauty products to get my hair and makeup like 80s style?

  • What do you say about’80s hair?

  • There are so many things to say about ’80s hair, but the one word that encompasses it all is BIG. If you’re trying to dress up with wild ’80s hair for Halloween or just like to remember your good ol’ days, never forget that bigger was better.

  • How to do 80’s style makeup?

  • If you want to do 80’s-style makeup and hair, start by applying your usual foundation, and then add bright blush to the hollows of your cheeks. Then, apply a bright, shimmery eye shadow shade on your eyelid, with a lighter color along your brow bone, making it the focus of your look.

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