how to do the beehive hairstyle

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Shape the beehiveTake a section of your hair and create the beehiveat the desired height on the front. Pull the hair strands tight from the sides and the top of the hair back and secure them an inch above the middle of the back of the head with the help of bobby pins.

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  • How to make a beehive for hair?

  • Read on to check out how to master beehive hair with some help from our detailed tutorials: Start with clean hair. Start with clean hair before you create your beehive. Try out Dove Nutritive Solutions Clarify Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before you start. Use some hair oil.

  • How to get beehive hair in the 60s?

  • How To Get ?0s Beehive Hair 1 Section your hair. Start by sectioning off your hair, leaving two pieces free at the front to frame your face. … 2 Use dry shampoo. … 3 Tease the hair. … 4 Brush the hair into place. … 5 Clip hair into a bouffant. … 6 Pin the rest of the hair up. … 7 Soften the look. …

  • What is a beehive braid?

  • The beehive braid is a style that gathers your hair into a long, spiral cornrow. Whether you want to keep your hair flat against your head or show this style off, all you need is tangle-free hair and some patience!

  • What is a retro beehive hairstyle?

  • Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with a retro beehive hairdo. Beehive hair is a women retro hairstyle which gets its name from its characteristic conical (or beehive-like) shape. It first rose to popularity in the 1960s when big hair was the fashion and quickly became the look to be seen with.

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