how to do up hairstyles for long hair

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For an easy long hair updo, do a chunkyhalo braid around the crown of your head. Boost its dramatic effect by pulling at the pieces of the plait to fan it out. Leave thin sections at the front to enhance the messy feel.

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  • Are there any quick and easy hairstyles for long hair?

  • The styling opportunities for long hair are as endless as your strands, but it can be all too easy to just get yourself into a messy-bun-and-go rut. While thinking of ways to jazz up our look, from braids to ponytails, we sought out 30 quick and easy hairstyles for long hair to provide you with a healthy dose of inspiration.

  • What are some easy updos for long hair?

  • When it comes to easy updos for long hair, braids and a low ponytail is a quick style that looks a bit more complicated than it actually is. Thick and lengthy tresses can be plaited into some fabulous chunky Dutch braids. Then, the ponytail dials up the hairstyle sporty appeal.

  • How to make your hair look attractive with long hair?

  • The main trick to making any look appear attractive is the way you carry it as well. Once you do this updo, you will not need to put any accessories. The curls will design all the hairstyles and make you look fabulous. This photo here shows us three different ways to get yourself easy updos for long hair.

  • How to make your long hair look longer with bangs?

  • Long Hair Updos with Bangs A fantastic way of enhancing the length of your hair is by creating a contrast with some bangs. When experimenting with updos for long hair, you can either style your bangs to the front or pin them gently to the side. 30 Party Hairstyles to Look Fabulous No Matter the Occasion!

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