how to do updo hairstyles

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  • How to do an updo with long hair?

  • To make a flattering look of the updo, you can tease the top section to create volume over the crown. Part your hair into three sections and make the middle one into a bun at the back of your neck. Wrap two side sections around the bun loosely for a casual-chic style. Easy Updo Hairstyle for Long Hair

  • How do you make a simple updo?

  • Style your long hair into soft, large waves with a curling iron first, leave the side sections apart and tease up the top section for volume. Make the rest part into an adorable bun and twist the side sections around it. Fix the ends with bobby pins. This is a simple updo for our everyday hairstyles.

  • What are the best hair updos For every occasion?

  • Single Braid Chignon If the full braid is not your thing, than this is a must try. Make a skinny, single braid and lead it with the rest of your hair into a chignon. Such quick hair updos are great for any occasion. 12. Low Ponytail with a Twist

  • How to choose the right updo?

  • Quick casual 榙os, funky knots or sophisticated buns with braids ?you may think that the choice of updos depends solely on your preferred style. It true, but the length and the type of your hair are also essential. So, let start from the length and see what your hair is capable of.

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