how to do waterfall hairstyle

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Waterfall Braid: Step By Step InstructionsTake a big section of hair at the front and separate into three strands.Take the back strand and cross it over the middle.Now take the front strand and cross it over the middle.Next,take the back strand +add a little section of hair into it.Cross this back strand +new section of hair over the middle.Leave the front strand as is (you can even clip it away so that you don’t get confused).Take a section of hair BEHIND the front strand.Cross this new section over the middle.

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  • How to do waterfall braids with curly hair?

  • This is one of the simplest and interesting waterfall braid hairstyles for long hair with curls. This waterfall braided look is similar to the previous ones. Take a section of the hair from the middle. Part the hair into 3 sections neatly, so you can braid horizontally. Braid the hair with the 3 sections till you reach the end, and then clip it.

  • Is waterfall hairstyle suitable for all ages?

  • Ans: Yes, waterfall hairstyle can be best used for all ages in different forms. Avoid heavy styles like buns and heavy braids for young kids as they prefer to leave their hair free and flaunt their style. Hence prefer to do a waterfall braid leave over style rather.

  • How many types of waterfall braids are there?

  • This article gives below a list of the top 15 waterfall braid hairstyles along with its photos for you. These waterfall braids are suitable for all face shapes and can be customized in different ways, such as waterfall braid with flowers, waterfall braid headband, and so on.

  • What are the pros and cons of cascade waterfall braids?

  • Waterfall braids are not as complicated as it looks like while sporting this hairstyle. Cascade waterfall is one such type in which you look elegant and your personality is highlighted. Sporting this look once, you would surely fall in love for this styling. It looks unique and beautiful.

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