how to do waterfall hairstyle

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Waterfall Braid: Step By Step InstructionsTake a big section of hair at the front and separate into three strands.Take the back strand and cross it over the middle.Now take the front strand and cross it over the middle.Next,take the back strand +add a little section of hair into it.Cross this back strand +new section of hair over the middle.Leave the front strand as is (you can even clip it away so that you don’t get confused).Take a section of hair BEHIND the front strand.Cross this new section over the middle.

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  • What is waterfall braid hairstyle?

  • Waterfall braid hairstyle is a stunning and pesky way to elaborate on the French style hair art. And for some special occasions like wedding, concert or a day out; water braids are just the most stunning hairdo you can easily put on. From messy bead head to a more organized and stylish waterfall braids, this hair style is a sure charmer.

  • How do you part your hair like a waterfall?

  • By parting your hair in a deep side part, and flipping the parted hair over to the other side of your head, your hair is essentially taking on the nature of a waterfall.

  • How do you do a cascade waterfall braid?

  • The dropped, right portion of hair is your first waterfall piece of hair. This will create a cascade waterfall braid on the right side of your head. For the left side, you’d reverse the instructions. Continue braiding by incorporating new hair.

  • How do you Hold Your Hair when braiding?

  • Usually the most successful way to hold hair as you braid, is to hold 2 portions of hair in 1 hand, and the third portion of hair in the other hand. Usually the fingers stay in a curled, tight position to hold the strands of hair as you move them to form the braid. Complete 1 braid sequence.

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