how to draw black hairstyles

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  • How to draw afro hair for beginners?

  • How to draw afro hair Step 1: Face base Step 2: Hair guidelines Step 3: Not that perfect Step 4: Curls guidelines Step 5: Draw the afro hairs curls Step 6: More tiny curls Step 7: The rebels Step 8: Color Step 9: Bring the lights on Step 10: Add depth to the roots

  • How do you draw hair when it is being pulled back?

  • Because the hair is being pulled back and tied, I draw a basic outline that barely comes off the top of the head. I also adjust the hair line so that it looks like the hair is being pulled back. Now I draw two circles in each section of the hair.

  • How to draw a simple curly hair?

  • Draw wavy lines following the guides. Connect some of them to the hairline making the curls look soft and natural. Draw a second set of curls. This time they will be smaller and shorter. Place them between the previous ones following the same 渟un rays?direction. Break the hair outline and let the curls?ends go out a bit.

  • What color should I dye my afro hair?

  • Usually, the afro hair is dark. However in order to leave the opportunity for shadows choose a base color different from black. Try very dark gray or dark brown. Just make sure the inside lines from the previous steps are still visible. Of course if you are in the mood you can experiment with red or even blond hair color.

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