how to draw chibi hairstyles

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  • How do you draw a chibi head?

  • Draw some hair for your chibi. First, draw a voluminous shape of the hair around the outline of the head. It a good idea to use a simplified hairstyle compared to the regular-sized character. Use soft tips for the ends of the hair. Now the head is finished.

  • What kind of hair can a chibi have?

  • Curly, straight, short, long ?everything is allowed! The core idea of drawing a chibi was to portray individual characteristics in a funny way, which is exactly why there are no rules for drawing the chibi hair. A cute chibi girl, for example, may have a shaggy haircut or a long ponytail.

  • Why learn how to design a chibi character by yourself?

  • As I mentioned at the beginning, if you learn how to design a chibi character by yourself, you will be able to draw more characters with the same body shape. You can also apply the tips for drawing the face and the body to other chibi characters.

  • How to draw a side profile of a Chibis?

  • When drawing the side profile, keep in mind the spherical shape of the back of the head. The position of the neck is slightly tricky when drawing a side profile. You can place the neck under the ear. Chibis have huge eyes that express their characteristics and feelings. Does the character have upturned or downturned eyes?

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