how to draw different hairstyles

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  • How to draw a good hairstyle?

  • Finish the line drawing by adding the smallest set of details. Similar to the first hairstyle begin by applying an initial series of strokes that will define the light, medium and dark areas of the hair. Again be sure to make these in a way where they flow along the shape of the hair.

  • How to draw hair in AutoCAD?

  • Into the main outline of the hair draw the lines that split the individual hair clumps. In this case the overall flow of the hair will be to the right side of the drawing. Add the pointy ends of the hair clumps and erase parts of the hair outline drawing from earlier steps as needed.

  • How to draw a spiky male hair?

  • How to Draw Spiky Male Hair Step by Step. 1 Step 1 ?Draw the Head. Male head drawing. Once again draw a basic outline of the head before drawing the hair. 2 Step 2 ?Draw the Hairline. 3 Step 3 ?Draw an Outline of the Hair. 4 Step 4 ?Add Some Details. 5 Step 5 ?Finish the Line Drawing. More items

  • How to draw long straight hair in SketchUp?

  • 1. How to Draw Long, Straight Hair Start by adding some volume around the head. Hair shouldn’t lie flat on the scalp! Draw the parting in your chosen place. Draw the outline of the hair around the face. Draw the direction of the hair gently flowing down over the shoulders.

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