how to draw male hairstyles

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  • How to draw male hair step by step?

  • How to Draw Male Hair step by step: Step 1: For drawing hair, draw the outline for the head as given below. It will help you in estimating the position of the scalp and volume. Step 2: After drawing the outline of draw outline for the hair, it will be equal to the volume you want to draw.

  • How to draw Anime Hairstyles?

  • Step 1: Draw an outline for the head as drawn in the above tutorial. Every anime character has a different hairstyle thus select which one you want to draw. Draw a dot on top of the head and 3 on the forehead at an equal distance from the top one. Then start drawing hair using curve adjoining and forming spikes for every strand of hair.

  • How to draw hair in AutoCAD?

  • Into the main outline of the hair draw the lines that split the individual hair clumps. In this case the overall flow of the hair will be to the right side of the drawing. Add the pointy ends of the hair clumps and erase parts of the hair outline drawing from earlier steps as needed.

  • How to draw short hair for kids?

  • How to Draw Short Hair Again, draw some volume around the head. In this case it will also be the outline of the whole haircut. Draw the parting and the fringe going straight from it. Make the general outline complete by drawing the hairline next to the ear. Draw the direction of the hair, creating the 3D form of the haircut.

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