how to find out what hairstyle suits your face

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  • How do I choose a hairstyle that suits my face shape?

  • Choosing a hairstyle that suits your face shape is crucial to being satisfied with your latest chop. The best way to choose which style will fit you is to draw inspiration from ideas online on people who have similar coloring and face shapes as you. Then, bring those inspiration photos to your hairstylist and ask their opinion.

  • How to find the perfect hairstyle?

  • The first step to finding the perfect hairstyle is knowing what your face shape is, and that what this app is for. You simply upload a picture of you and it will tell you what your face shape is in three steps. Then you can try the suggested hairstyles using the same photo.

  • How can I find out what my face shape is?

  • You can find out what your face shape is with this app by taking or uploading a photo. Then, it shows you haircuts and styles that will flatter your specific face shape. You can change the hair color and edit the hairstyle to fit your face. Perfect. It only available to download for iOS right now. 3. Perfect365

  • How do you make your hair look good?

  • Because hairstyles are predominately about shape and geometry. It’s all about putting the perfect frame around a person’s face to balance and bring perspective to the overall shape. Minimize non pleasing attributes. Promote and compliment positive ones.

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