how to get grease hairstyle

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Begin withfreshly washed and damp hair. Part your hair and divide it into a few sections. Appy hair grease to your hair, starting at the roots and edges and working your way down to the ends.

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  • What is greasy hair and how to style it?

  • Greasy hair holds braids and twists the best, so to make the most out of the texture that comes with days-old hair, try this stylish hair hack. Perfect for festivals and work, these cool-girl twisted low double buns will ensure you have a good hair day.

  • How to hide greasy hair while looking fairer?

  • Greasy hair is actually fantastic for a variety of sleek hairstyles. The following hairstyles will help you to hide greasy hair while looking fabulous. Part your hair down the middle and start braiding at the front of the hair on both sides. Secure both sides at the center of the hair with a small elastic.

  • What is the best way to remove grease from your hair?

  • Pulling your hair back is a foolproof method for masking grease on any hair type, and the woven detailing adds an unexpected touch that works in your favor. We also dig that you can style this look in a few minutes.

  • How do you straighten your hair like Sandy from Grease?

  • Use a straightener to straighten your hair. Once your hair is almost completely dry, it should look mostly straight. However, to get the super straight look Sandy has in Grease, you檒l want to go back over your hair with a straightener.

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