how to get more hairstyles on sims 4

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  • Do Sims 4 modders make hairstyles?

  • Some people think thehair that comes with the base game feels a bit too bland, while some don like the way hair looks in vanilla Sims 4 at all. Thankfully hundreds of modders from all over the world have created custom hairstyles to freshen things up.

  • What is the Nicholas hair mod in Sims 4?

  • A simple short design that is widely used by men in today world, the Nicholas Hair mod makes quite a fantastic addition to the game. Well, mostly if you檙e looking to add a style that suits almost every type of serious-looking Sim.

  • Is the rockstar hair in Sims 4 worth it?

  • This hair is super complex and you檒l have a Sim rocking quite a unique style like a rockstar. Although this type of hair is already included in the base game (or a very similar one, at least). So it may not add a totally unique twist, but it worth a download if it could fit with your Sim style.

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