how to grow out a short hairstyle

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To grow out short hair with grace, get yournape trimmed every four weeks or so, depending on your hairline, density and direction of growth. If your hair is fine, it might be easier to let it grow out without trims. Thick-haired beauties are definitely going to require some reshaping along the way with some texturizing and blending.

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  • How did you grow out your short hair?

  • The first step to growing out my short hair was to (CRINGE) start getting regular hair cuts. I know we all hear how important it is to get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks if you want it to grow. The thing is, this is something I just never believed in.

  • How to style layers of hair that are growing out?

  • Use a slightly heavier hair styling product, such as gel or wax to inject some texture into your layers and start to style your hair to the side. Your hair length will now be at the growing out stage where it can be frustrating and your locks begin to fall into your eyes. This can make your want to cut your locks shorter again.

  • How can I Make my curly hair shorter?

  • Curling is a neat trick to shorten hair that’s in an awkward period between not short enough and not long enough. Alternatively, if your hair is curly or wavy you can straighten your hair for added length to get the style you desire. Wear a top knot.

  • How to rock a shorter style with thin hair?

  • Rock a shorter style with your thin hair. First things first: You need to tell your hairdresser that you want to grow out your hair. Think of it as your hair vent session where you can express your grievances as they can help you through the growing out process.

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