how to have messy hairstyle

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Part of the key to messy looks on both long and short hair is tokeep it separated and piecey. With short cuts,add some styling product to the roots of your hair and run your fingers back and forth across your scalp to get a cute,tussled look. For longer hair,make sure to let some tendrils fall down from a bun or ponytail.

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  • How to do messy hair properly?

  • Tousled messy hair is done with your fingers. If you are going for the curly messy hair and you have short hair, be sure to use a smaller barrel size of curling iron. Long hair can also do both types of messy hair but generally looks better with curly messy hair.

  • What is the best messy hairstyle for straight hair?

  • This short messy hairstyle is perfect if you have straight hair. This is because you can easily brush it back using your fingers. If needed, you can use a gel or wax to make the hair stay intact to the back. 5. Messy Mohawk Hairstyle

  • What is a messy Chic hairstyle?

  • The messy high ponytail is the perfect messy chic hairdo. The hair in front is pulled back neatly into the tousled style ponytail. 6. Messy Curls Accessorised with a Hat:

  • What is messy wavy hair style?

  • The straight hair has a tousled feel to it with messy curl edges. The style has a dry messy element which is very splendid. 47. Messy Wavy Curly Bob:

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