how to make 70’s hairstyle

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Method 1 Method 1 of 3: Doing a Pageboy Hairstyle Download Article. Brush your hair into a side part. …Method 2 Method 2 of 3: Trying 70s Waves Download Article. Wash your hair. To create 70s waves,you should start with clean hair. …Method 3 Method 3 of 3: Creating Big Hair Download Article. Leave your hair slightly damp. …

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  • How do you style your hair in the 70s?

  • Feathering the hair gives a hairstyle a soft, flirty look. For the ultimate 70s style, keep hair shoulder-length and add bangs. Whether your hair is naturally kinky-curly or you檒l use a curling iron to get these ringlets, a center-parted loose hairstyle is hair goals.

  • How do you get 70s waves on your hair?

  • To create 70s waves, you should start with clean hair. Wash and shampoo your hair using a clarifying shampoo. Avoid any heavy shampoos or products, as these can weigh down your hair and interfere with the waves. Blow dry your hair. Tilt the blow dryer away from your face.

  • How to look like a princess with 70s hairstyles?

  • If you want to dress up as a princess and look like a princess, do this kind of 70s hairstyles to add more to your style. The black hair band is looking terrific on blonde hair. Bring the contrast of colors while styling your hair and you would look vibrant and beautiful. Many 70s hairstyles used to include hairbands.

  • How to wear thick bangs in the 70s?

  • Thick bangs are the cutest complement to an updo like this. Wear it as a bridal hairstyle or for date nights, pairing it with a sparkly tiara headband. The 70s were all about thick, voluminous hairstyles for women.

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