how to make a beehive hairstyle without backcombing

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  • How to style a beehive on short hair?

  • A Beehive will look equally appalling with short hair as with longer strands. Here a bob is styled with a beehive at the top. To create this style on short hair, tease your hair at the top and use a lot of hairsprays to create volume and lift.

  • How do I build a beehive?

  • To build a beehive, take a small section of hair, about 1.5 inches (3.8 centimeters), and tease it by making short strokes toward the scalp. You can use a fine-toothed comb or a bristle brush for this task, and you may have to experiment with various types of combs and brushes to find the one that works best with your hair.

  • What is beehive hair and how is it formed?

  • Beehive hair is formed by running a comb up and down the hair shaft, a.k.a. teasing it, to create a volumized backcombed effect, which is then lightly combed over to smoothen. The longer or thicker the hair, the higher and denser the beehive!

  • What color is beehive hair for men?

  • The classic beehive style is made sizzling by the light auburn hair color. The beautiful ginger shade works with both warm and cool skin tones and brings your hair to life. This chic and versatile hair color resonates with the autumn season. Beehive on naturally dark hair gives the perfect 60 look.

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