how to make a bump hairstyle

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How to create a front bump hairstyle?Using a brush or comb tease your hair on the roots and then side part it. Take the longer section of the part nearest to the crown and turn it into a side fringe. Then tie half of the hair from the back of your head into a low ponytail.

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  • How to make a simple bump in your hair?

  • Method 1 of 3: Making a Simple Bump Download Article PRO 1 Brush out your hair. Brush your hair with a brush or comb to remove any knots and tangles from your hair. 2 Decide where you want your bump to be. There are many ways to wear a bump in your hair. … 3 Separate your bump hair section. … 4 Create a bump without teasing. …

  • How to make a bump in a ponytail?

  • When you section your hair to make your bump, separate your hair into two parts: the part of your hair that you檙e going to tease (to make the bump), and the part of your hair that is going to serve as your ponytail base. Tie the bottom section of your hair, your ponytail base, with a loose ponytail holder.

  • How do you do a poofy bump hairstyle?

  • Gather your hair in the back and brush it all behind you. Twist a bump of hair. As with all twist bump hairstyles, begin with a small lock of hair near your hairline. Twist three times, push forward to give it a slight poof, and pin this against your crown.

  • How to do a twisty bump bun without parting your hair?

  • The Twisty Bump Bun Brush without parting your hair. Remove the knots in your hair by brushing it backwards, preferably without creating any parting. Form a twisty bump. Twist a section of hair three times and push it forward to create a little bump. Throw your hair into a semi-high ponytail.

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