how to make a bun hairstyle with medium hair

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To get this cute updo hair look, you should first style your medium hair into soft waves.Braid the front sections side by side and join them with the rest of hair into a boosted bun shape. You can find more (bun hairstyles for medium hair) on

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  • How to create a high bun hairstyle on mid-length hair?

  • It shows very interesting to create a high bun hairstyle on mid-length hair. Pull all you hair up into a high ponytail and make a lovely hair bow at one side.

  • What is a messy bun hairstyle?

  • The messy bun is a great way out for girls who don want to spend too much time on their hair but would like to keep it out of their faces. Make a low ponytail, arrange it into a bun and pin it to keep its shape. In order to create a messy look, let it be loose. If you have long hair, try these long messy bun hairstyles. 18. The classics

  • How do you make a cute bun with short hair?

  • Gather your hair into a high ponytail and tie it with an elastic band. Then wrap the ponytail around the elastic band and use some pins to attach the bun to the rest of the hair. Use some spray to avoid stray hairs. 19. Cute bun hairstyle for short hair

  • How do you put a bun in a high ponytail?

  • Depending on where you would like the bun to be, you can make a low, mid-height, or high ponytail. For thick hair, you may wish to use a hair bungee instead of a regular hair elastic. Twist your hair. Once you have put your hair in a ponytail, grab the end of the ponytail and gently twist.

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