how to make a twist hairstyle

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Divide a lock of hair into two strands and wrap them one over the other in the same direction. Twist one around the other and twist the wick. Also twist each strand on itself each time you turn on the other end to the ends.

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  • How do you put a twist on your hair?

  • Incorporate the front sections into the twist. Pull the front sections of hair that you teased back to the twist, and wrap the ends around the twist. Tuck them into the twist where it meets your head, and use pins to hold them in place. Pin down any remaining loose pieces.

  • How to do a simple French twist for beginners?

  • A Simple French Twist Sweep all your hair to one side. Use grips or pins at the back of your hair to hold it in place. Apply hairspray. Place your hand underneath the hair and brush it very gently. Twist your hair up. Insert pins to hold the hair in place. Smooth it out. Tuck the loose ends of the hair inside the twist. Finished.

  • How do you do a twist and twist with pins?

  • Then, use pins and hairspray to secure it to that side. Next, hold your hair in your hand and twist it in the opposite direction that you pinned it. As you twist, tuck the ends into the tunnel you檙e creating. Finally, insert pins beneath the twist to secure it to your scalp.

  • Can French twists be done on long hair?

  • Make sure it is also as straight as possible since French twists can really stand and hold if you have long, curly frizzy hair. So, blow dry straighten your hair, while also using some frizz-fighting products.

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