how to make bun hairstyle at home

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Method 1 Method 1 of 3: Creating an Easy BunGather your hair into a ponytail. [1]… …Twist the hair. After you have pulled your hair into a ponytail,twist the hair clockwise. …Wrap the hair into a bun. Once the hair is fully twisted,bring the strand towards your head. …Secure the bun. Holding the bun with one hand,use the other hand to get the hair band from your wrist or from a nearby counter.

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  • How to do a bun with long hair?

  • Bring the rolled section of hair from both sides and mix it with the bun. Use as many bobby pins as required so that hair remains in place properly. Suitable Hair Type: Straight hair texture is the best fit to look great in this style. This is also the best bun with long hair, which is easy to do.

  • How do you make a simple bun?

  • To make a quick, easy bun, start with your hair in a ponytail. Then, grab the tip of your hair and start twisting it until your hair is twisted from the ends to the base. Take your hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail in a spiral, then secure your bun with bobby pins.

  • How to do a bun with high ponytail?

  • Start by putting your hair up into a high ponytail, and use a hair elastic for affixing it. The pony should be high enough. You do not need to finish it; just use the elastic to secure your hair and make sure that no hair sticks out. Step 3. When making the final loop, don pull all the hair out. This is when you need to form the bun.

  • How do you put a donut bun on your hair?

  • Insert your ponytail through the center of your bun form and roll it down. Smooth the hair over the donut and secure with elastic around the entire bun. Leave one section out.

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