how to make bun hairstyle with socks

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To use a sock to make a bun,cut the toe end off and roll the sock into a donut or ring shape. Slide the sock onto your ponytail,then pull it as close to the tip of your hair as you can. Tuck any remaining hair under the center of the donut. Then,roll the sock down slowly,gathering your hair in a ring as you go.

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  • How to make a sock bun at home?

  • Step 1. Wash your hair if needed, as it should be clean. Carefully brush your hair before making a sock bun. Step 2. Take a clean sock and cut off the toe area. You can throw the cut part away, since you don need it for the hairstyle. Step 3. Now, you have a sort of a tube with an opening at each end.

  • What are the Best Hairstyles for sock buns?

  • Blond is a great choice of color for any woman. Any hairstyle, including a sock bun, will look terrific on well-colored locks. Adding some creativity, such as surrounding strands and a braid over it, will help you make a really unique hairstyle.

  • Are sock buns the new trend to try?

  • It a win-win, really攕o when the opportunity came to try out the sock bun trend, we, of course, jumped at the chance. First off: what is a sock bun? Sock buns are hairstyles created with the use of an old sock with the toe or foot area cut off, repurposing the sock into a makeshift hair donut.

  • How do you make a high bun with short hair?

  • Pull your hair up with your hands into a ponytail. Use your hands to gather your hair together into a ponytail and decide where you want the bun to be on your head. Most people choose to make a high bun, which adds to the elegance of the look.

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