how to make pouf hairstyle

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To make your hairstyle poofy,comb your bangs,sides,or other hairs you left straight over the poofy area,and style your hair normally. If you poofed up in the middle,comb your bangs back over the top of your head,so those hairs will rest over the teased-out hair,obscuring them,but emphasizing the bounce. This is how you get big hair.

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  • How to do a pouf?

  • 1. Comb your hair, and make sure it is detangled. 2. Take a small section of the hair at the front, and pull it back. The width that you choose depends on the shape of your face. If you have an oval face, you can take a larger section, and you will have a broader pouf.

  • How do you make a Poof with hair?

  • Build your poof. Gather the hair at the top of your head and separate it from the rest of your hair. Make sure that you’ve taken equal amounts of hair from each side. Just as in the previous method, you can imagine a crown resting on your head and grab the hair within the crown’s circle. Brush the section of hair flat.

  • What is a pouf hairstyle?

  • Hairstyle A La Pouf debuted in 1775 when it was worn, by Marie Antoinette, the trendsetting queen of France, at the coronation of her husband, Louis XVI.This high coiffure is also called the puff, or the toque.

  • Can I learn to pouf my hair like a pro?

  • But like most things in life, with a little patience and a little practice, anyone can learn to pouf their hair like a pro. Here are some tips to remember that will help you with your poof. When you blow dry your hair after a wash, make sure your flip your head over and blow dry it that way.

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