how to make top knot hairstyle

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  • How do you make a top knot with fine hair?

  • The secret to a beautiful top knot for fine hair and coarse hair is using 3-4 elastics. I have heavy, course, thick hair so without the multiple elastics my buns fall out-of-place. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail. Divide your ponytail into 2 sections. Tie a knot with the two sections of hair.

  • How do you tie a top knot with a twist?

  • Wrap your hair around the hair tie. Take your twisted hair and wrap it in a clockwise direction around your hair tie. Pin the top knot in place. Once you finish wrapping use several bobby pins the same color as your hair to pin the top knot in place, both at the top and bottom of the bun.

  • What type of Hair do you style with a top knot bun?

  • Dreadlocks and box braids can also be styled into a top knot bun. These rich, burgundy-colored faux locs are formed into a very neat knot with a bang-like section that falls off to one side.

  • How to do a samurai top knot hairstyle?

  • Doing a Samurai Top Knot Hairstyle Start with an undercut or fade. This is where your hair is long at the top of your head, and trimmed short on the sides. Blow dry your hair for extra volume. Get your hair damp first, then blow dry it, pulling it upward and away from the part. Apply a styling wax or pomade.

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