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  • What is Zayn Malik Haircut?

  • The Long Quiff Hairstyle In his teens, Zayn had a trademark quiff hairstyle that you could not miss. Although he alternated between short and medium-length hair, he would style it up and to the side in an unruly fashion. It all part of the bad boy charm that escalated him to fame. 3. Zayn Malik Haircut with Undercut

  • How can I get Zayn Malik’s crew cut?

  • The beauty of Zayn Malik is that he can go from long spikes and pink hair to army style just like that. Evidently, he can pull them all off incredibly well. Ask your barber to give you this stylized crew cut.

  • What life lessons can we learn from Zayn Malik looks?

  • One of the biggest life lessons that one gets from following Zayn looks is that one should never be afraid of change. His sense of style, fashion and clothing have always been top notch, but it his willingness to experiment with his hair is what truly leaves everyone in awe.

  • How has Zayn Malik style changed since leaving one direction?

  • Since his departure from One Direction in early 2015, a careful combination of red carpet appearances and magazine shoots has seen Zayn Malik style icon status rapidly soar to stratospheric new heights.

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