how to plait hairstyles

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To start your plait style,work some mousse into the hairin order to have some body. Next,pull back the hair,and take a section from the top and divide it into three equal parts. Weave the right-hand section over the middle section,so the right-hand section now is in the middle.

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  • How do you plait your hair like a pro?

  • Separate the hair to plait. Using a hair pick or pencil, separate the hair you will use to make the headband. Pull out a 1 to 2 in (2.5 to 5.1 cm) wide section of hair from the area that is just behind your ear. Plait as normal. Hold the section straight out to the side of your head and begin braiding it loosely as a regular 3-strand braid.

  • How to do a plait style?

  • To start your plait style, work some mousse into the hair in order to have some body. Next, pull back the hair, and take a section from the top and divide it into three equal parts.

  • What is a plaited hairstyle?

  • Also known as a braid, plaited hair is achieved when you weave or twist strands of hair together to create your chosen hairstyle i.e a French braid or cute Dutch braids. The reason why plaited hairstyles are so popular is due to the fact they檙e both practical and stylish, offering every hair type and length styling versatility.

  • How do you French plait someone’s hair?

  • Doing a French Plait Have the person sit in a comfortable place where you can easily reach their hair. Brush the person’s hair. Brush sufficiently until the hair is silky and free of knots. Get a tiny piece of hair from the top of the head.

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