how to pompadour hairstyle

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A. Follow these steps to make a pompadouror flaunt any of the hairstyles: Start with dry hair. Use high-hold pomade to slick back the sides of your hair. Use a round brush and starting at the back or middle of the head,roll it back while you push your hair forwards and upwards while blow-drying.

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  • How to get a pompadour haircut?

  • To get a pompadour, you should start growing your hair out, at least on top. If you already have some decent locks going, choose a pompadour style that suits your look and hair type, find a reference picture and head to the barber shop. But that only half the battle. Part of having a pompadour is commitment to styling it.

  • How to do a pompadour with a comb?

  • For a pompadour, either works, but we prefer unparted pomps. Now for a little fine-tuning. Take the hand not holding the comb and place it on top of your head right in the middle so your entire hand comes in contact with the slicked back hair. Carefully push this hand forward while brushing the hair in front straight up.

  • How long should a pompadour be?

  • The length of top hair is about 5 to 6 inches and the side and back hair are about 2 inches in length. This brown colored pompadour with a thick beard gives a cool dude look. The volume of the top hair and the volume of beard are parallel to each other, and this is what balancing this style.

  • Can you wear a pompadour on bleached hair?

  • You can wear a pompadour no matter your hair color ?black, brown, or bleached, but you need to have mid-long length if you want to make the cutwork. Of course, you can go for a pompadour short cut if you can grow out your hair naturally, or if you need a quick design for an upcoming event this seems like the most practical solution.

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