how to sew in weave hairstyles

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You can start sewing in partial weave by using acurved sew in the needle with the thread. Start from the nape to the front parting. When the process is finished,you should tie the thread to secure the wefts. Blend the weave with the hair you left out,then comb it to mix perfectly with your natural hair.

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  • What are sew in weave hairstyles?

  • If you are not satisfied with your hair or just want to try something absolutely different without cutting or dyeing it, try sew in weave hairstyles. A sew in weave means that the hair extensions are sewn to your own hair.

  • What are the best hairstyles to wear with weave hair?

  • If you檙e the kind of woman who loves showing off different colors in her hair, ombre styles are just what you need. You can start your ombre with a tone similar to your natural hair color and continue in your favorite shade. 5. Shoulder-Length Sew In Weave Hairstyles

  • Can a girl with thin hair wear a straight weave?

  • Long Sew In Weave Girls with thin and straight hair can make this amazing hairstyle by attaching simple straight hair extensions to their bobs. Straight weave will give you a chance to create all types of hairstyles, but the straight locks with blunt bangs always look the best.

  • How to take care of sew-in weave hair?

  • Make sure you purchase good quality hair that does not shed. Apart from shampooing your sew-in every two weeks, you need to condition it and apply a moderate amount of oil to your scalp to keep your hair moisturized, and the sew in soft and shiny. When washing your sew-in weave, use a shampoo designed for extensions and a light moisturizer.

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