how to side bun hairstyles

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A sidebun is a quick,cute hairstyle that works for almost any occasion. Start with unwashed hair,which is easier to style. Brush your hair completely to smooth out any knots and apply some hair product. Give yourself a deep side part,then gather your hair into a ponytail at the base of your neck.

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  • How to style your hair to look like a bun?

  • You would need a headband for the look, so keep it ready. Tuck your hair inside the band starting from the side. It becomes like a bun to see from the outside in a rolled-up way. Get loose front locks on the side. Ideal Age Group: Try this for young women below 30. Perfect Occasion: Try this hairstyle for family gatherings.

  • How to do a braid bun?

  • So, instead of just a simple braid bun, you need to start it from the top. Slowly do the braids in a thicker style and then get the bun. To keep it unique, grab a few hairs from the side and tie them in the backside. 3. Side Part Bun There is no particular thing to follow for this hairstyle. Before you tie the bun, you need to side part your hair.

  • How do you style a side bun?

  • Wear a casual side bun for a casual day or evening out. Polish up your side bun for a business meeting, a wedding, or other formal event. Start with unwashed hair. Whenever possible, do not style freshly washed hair.

  • What are the best side bun updo hairstyles?

  • You can combine your bun with a braided element of your choice, such as a crown braid or braided bangs, for instance. A bouffant is also a plus for most loose curly updos. Loose buns are arguably among the most popular side bun updo hairstyles for women these days. Maybe it because of the easy styling or the relaxed, undone look they provide.

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