how to style long undercut hairstyle

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Simple ways to style long hair undercut Thecomb-overoption is the most popular one. In this case, the back and sides are cut shorter than the top. Roughly, it is half the length. If the hair on top is 4 inches and combed back, you can crop the sides and back about 2 inches.

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  • How to style long hair undercuts for men?

  • This is a great starting point for men, who want to try long hair undercuts. The hair on top is just about 3 inches. You can style it with a small amount of hair gel by creating spikes with your fingers.

  • Can You straighten your hair with undercut?

  • You can also straighten your hair if you have wavy hair and want to have a slicker-looking Undercut. Pomade and hair mousse are excellent hairstyling products if you want the hair to puff out, while hair wax and hair gel is better suite if you want a more slicked, flatter Undercut style.

  • What color goes with an undercut haircut?

  • This bleach blonde hair color is the ideal pairing for an undercut style on long hair. Throw the longer portion of hair up into a messy bun to complete the laidback look. 9. Dreads on Top Why not go for dreads and an undercut?

  • Does an undercut make your hair look thicker?

  • An undercut removes some of the weight and body from your hair so it an ideal option for thick, coarse hair that can sometimes get too puffy. If you have fine or thin hair, you may want to reconsider choosing an undercut. It can actually make your hair appear thinner and take away the body.

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