how to style men’s undercut hairstyle

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To do an undercut hair style for men,start byparting their hair above their upper temples and clipping it to the top of their head. Then,trim their hair underneath their upper temples,as though there a line going around their head. If their hair above the line is longer than 4-6 inches,cut this down so it not too long.

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  • How to do an undercut hairstyle?

  • Just get a barber to do the undercut, then style your hair with a little gel or another fixing hair product each morning, in order to highlight your curls. A slightly wet look is also advisable. This men undercut hairstyle works particularly well with dark hair. This long undercut features buzzed sides and a non-layered top.

  • What are men medium undercut hairstyles?

  • With short sides and medium hair on top, guys actually maximize the number of styles they can pull off. Men medium undercut hairstyles include the comb over, slick back, quiff, faux hawk, mohawk and all the unique variations in between. Fashionable and hot, the extra contrast with medium hair will take your haircut to the next level.

  • What are the different types of undercuts?

  • What Is An Undercut? 1 Short Hair Undercut. The short undercut is a good-looking haircut that shows just how versatile the style can be. … 2 Medium Hair Undercut. The medium-length undercut is ideal for men who have wavy, thick or straight hair, and are willing to invest the time to style their look. 3 Long Hair Undercut. … 4 Undercut Fade. …

  • What are the best men hairstyles to get right now?

  • The undercut remains one of the best men hairstyles to get right now. Modern and popular, the undercut haircut offers a high-contrast way to cut short hair on your sides and back with longer hair on top.

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