is everything that surrounds the hairstyle

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  • What are the lines in a hairstyle for?

  • They make a hairstyle appear longer and narrower as the eye follows the lines up and down. Are positioned between horizontal and vertical lines. Are often used to emphasize or minimize facial features. Also used to create interest in hair design. One-length haircuts. Best for clients requiring the low maintenance when styling their hair.

  • What is form in hairstyles?

  • Usually used for clients able to carry off a strong look. Are usually curved lines that are used to blend and soften horizontal or vertical lines. Are lines with a definite forward or backward movement. Is the mass or general outline of hairstyle. It is three-dimensional and has length, width, and depth. Form or mass may also be called VOLUME.

  • What is the most flattering style for my hair?

  • Most flattering style must be determined before you begin styling. Generally best cut short. If long, silhouette will be wide and extremely voluminous. Chemical services and hair pressing take well, but but be careful if hair is fragile Extremely curly, medium hair Silhouette can get very wide. Hair can look wider than longer when it grows.

  • What makes a hairstyle harmonious?

  • A pleasing color or combination of color and texture A Balance and Rhythm that together strengthen the design An area of Emphasis from which the eye move to the rest of the style A harmonious design is never too busy and is in proportion. An artistic and suitable hairstyle takes into consideration

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