what are good protective hairstyles

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As far as protectivehairstylesgo, you can opt for cornrows, box braids, goddess braids, two and three strand braids, Ghana, French or Dutch braids, milkmaid, micro, bubble or waterfall braids or the ever classic fishtail.

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  • What are protective hairstyles for natural hair?

  • Common protective hairstyles for natural hair include braids and wigs, but there are many other styles to choose from as well. A protective style is also not limited to people with one particular hair texture, all textured hair can use protection! There are many protective styles to choose from. Let take a look at each one:

  • Are protective hairstyles really to their job?

  • There are different opinions on whether protective hairstyles really to their job, to save your hair from damaging. Many hair experts say that braiding your hair and keeping it away from extern factors will prevent dead ends and hair breakage; others say that these types of braids only have an esthetic purpose.

  • What are the best protective hairstyles for black kids?

  • Black kids love protective hairstyles because they can recreate any look they want. Braid their hair and secure each braid with colored cuffed beads. This way you won spend hours getting them ready for school in the morning. 16. Bob Braid your gorgeous hair into protective hairstyles and choose hair extensions that have very tight ringlets.

  • Are protective hairstyles a good fit for white hair?

  • Not all protective hairstyles are a good fit for Caucasian (white) hair because the texture, shape, and curl pattern is typically much different than African (black) hair.

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