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  • What are the types of hair styles?

  • Some popular hair styles include: Straight, curly, wavy, ringlets (ringlets are tight spirals of hair) Fringe ( American: bangs) ?hair at the front that comes down over the forehead Bob ?cut around shoulder length or shorter all the way around

  • What are the different hairstyles for short hair?

  • Different Hairstyles for Short Hair 1. Twist and Braid Half Updo Who said that braids are meant just for long tresses? The Twist and Braid Half Updo can give a stylish transformation to your short hair. Wear it to your college or work as it takes very little time to make it. 2. Twisted Puff Hairdo

  • What are some general hair vocabulary and hair care phrases?

  • Here is some general hair vocabulary and hair care phrases that can be useful for conversations about hair: e.g. 業檓 trying to grow my hair at the moment, so I don want to get it cut?/div>Hairdressing Vocabulary – Styles and Cuts – My English

  • What are the different types of hair styling tools?

  • Common Hair Styling Tools: Hair Comb, Hair Pin, Hair Spray, Hair Ties, U Pin Look like a fashion icon by styling your luscious locks by choosing any of the above hairstyles. You can transform your style statement without spending a fortune by choosing the right hairstyle.

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