what are protective hairstyles

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A protective hairstyle is anyhairdo that keeps the ends of the hair tucked away to prevent pulling, tugging or any form of manipulation. The idea is to protect the ends of your hair making sure they are free from manipulation. They also prevent your hair from getting frizzy as a result of unfavourable environmental elements.

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  • What are protective hairstyles for natural hair?

  • Common protective hairstyles for natural hair include braids and wigs, but there are many other styles to choose from as well. A protective style is also not limited to people with one particular hair texture, all textured hair can use protection! There are many protective styles to choose from. Let take a look at each one:

  • What is protected style hair?

  • Protective styles include but are not limited to twists, braids, updos, and wigs. A lot of times, added synthetic or human hair is added for even more versatility in color, thickness, length, and appearance in texture.

  • Are protective hairstyles really to their job?

  • There are different opinions on whether protective hairstyles really to their job, to save your hair from damaging. Many hair experts say that braiding your hair and keeping it away from extern factors will prevent dead ends and hair breakage; others say that these types of braids only have an esthetic purpose.

  • What is a protective style?

  • A protective style is any style that keeps the hair tucked away and free from manipulation. The goal for a protective style is to give the hair a break from stressors and allow it to grow healthy and free from any breakage. [ 1]

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